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Contested Divorce


When you and your spouse just can’t see eye-to-eye and arrive at an agreement on key issues then our Contested Divorce service is a way to allow an attorney resolve those issues without additional hostility .

Contested Divorce Issues may include:


  • Parties cannot agree on key issues of the divorce.
  • Assets/property/debts need to be divided.
  • Parties cannot agree on alimony/spousal support.
  • Parties cannot agree on timesharing, co-parenting and parental responsibility.
  • Parties cannot agree on child support.
  • Parties are required to attend mediation.
  • Issues cannot be settled and parties must approach a court to adjudicate.
  • If issues settle, one of the parties need to attend the final hearing.
There are many issues that may be in need of resolution in a Contested Divorce and Affordable Divorce Attorneys Group is there for you. Our experience in all divorce matters will see you through your darkest hour.

It’s a simple, time-saving and budget conscious service to get you through your time of need.

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