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10 Sober Rappers Who Dont Drink Or Do Drugs

After he finally secured a passport, his first overseas trip was to England, the home of the sound that carried him to fame. What he found there was a rabid built-in fan base, and kinship from the country’s stars, including Skepta, who invited him out on the road as an opener. Pop Smoke’s debut EP from last July, “Meet the Woo” (Victor Victor Worldwide/Republic), was one of the strongest New York rap releases in recent memory. His second EP, “Meet the Woo 2,” arrived in early February, and debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard album chart.

9 Best Rap Albums of November 2023 – Brooklyn Vegan

9 Best Rap Albums of November 2023.

Posted: Fri, 01 Dec 2023 16:50:49 GMT [source]

Otherwise we have to arrest you.” At least they didn’t arrest him. SEMTEX When I did my interview with him, he name-checked all the significant U.K. He knew about M24 who is literally three months on the block. They felt like he was part of their artist community. DJ SEMTEX (host, London’s Capital XTRA) I’m like, yo, I want to do the first show in London.

Food lives 24/7.

The Detroit lyricist has rapped about his addiction and recovery in his music. Other rappers have also sided with sobriety, too. Back in 2020, during an interview with Converse for their Creative All Star Series, Tyler, The Creator shared that he’s never been interested in drinking, though he’s tried weed twice. Then he noted that his “addictive personality” is what could potentially lead to his downfall.

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Originating in Holland, Effen Vodka has steadily taken ahold of American markets since Curtis partnered with the company. Although the mogul allegedly sold his stake for $60 million, he still works with Effen Vodka extensively. The name is derived from two French words meaning the top of the rock, or the summit, which is a reference to the region in France where Ciroc’s grapes originate. This isn’t Snoop’s first time working alongside a liquor company. The west coast legend partnered with 2Pac in a St. Ides endorsement, and he has also been involved with Landy Cognac. The manufacturing and distribution of alcohol are two of the most lucrative businesses in the world.

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I didn’t see a problem with the fact that I just couldn’t get up and walk sometimes.” Hopefully Budden can continue to make strides without the use of any drug. Whether they’re mentioned on the radio, seen in music videos, or smuggled into concerts, drugs are pretty much unavoidable in the genre. Weed, lean, pills, coke, booze, shrooms, you name it, dope’s not to hard to find. Common is well known as a conscious rapper who advocates for love, peace, and all things pure.

Clapton has been sober for almost 30 years and wrote very frankly about his struggles with addiction in his memoir, Clapton. Lecrae was a heavy drug user prior to his conversion to Christianity. He has escaped a past of poverty and drug dealing and has chosen to rededicate himself to religion and sober living. Many artists partake in smoking marijuana for the euphoria, some artists believe it enhances their ability to write a song, record, even perform. However, not all artists need to spark the ‘bud’ to produce fire vocals on the beat.


All irony aside, it’s nice to see that the Chicago beatsmith doesn’t partake in any of Chief Keef’s wild shenanigans. Although Chop doesn’t do drugs, he does enjoy smoking hookah while in the studio. It’s been a while since Andre 3000 has last smoked kush. Dre quit smoking a year or two after Outkast’s debut album, Southernplayalisticadillamuzik.

  • Young decided to become sober in 2011 because he wanted to be more alert and he was curious about what sobriety would feel like.
  • From Chris’ stage presence, down to the way he interacts with his band members, shows how much he loves being a performer and musician.
  • She keeps planning to go and get him, but then distracts herself with a new lover, a new adventure, or a renewed need to survive.
  • Drill; his main producers were all British.
  • I know that a lot of Americans can’t, or they can’t afford to take the time off work.
  • Before Suicideboys, Arceneaux was an aspiring solo hip-hop artist, releasing several mixtapes under the name Scrim.

What if he just comes out as a guest performer? TARIQ CHERIF (co-founder, Rolling Loud) He was undeniably the hottest in the city, period. He had the actual support of the real people in the city, real gangsters, real positive people, everything in between. We believe that if the law says you can be free, then you should be able to perform at our show. His first foray into the world of liquor probably didn’t go how he hoped. Back in 2011, Pharrell launched Qream, a dessert-inspired, milky vodka available in Strawberry and Peach Creme flavors that catered to women.

Here’s a List of Rappers That Are Proud to Be Sober

On the hit single “Not Afraid,” Eminem raps, “It was my decision to get clean, I did it for me.” The hip hop icon celebrated his 15th year of sobriety earlier this year. He has since helped his fellow rappers with their addictions. I know that a lot of Americans can’t, or they can’t afford to take the time off work. We need to get people into treatment and CLEAN Cause is doing that, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

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