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How Would You Describe What Estate Planning Actually Is?

Estate planning is not just for old people; estate planning is for everyone. We aren’t like the traditional estate planning lawyers, so we’re not just going to sell documents. Estate planning involves protection of your children, even protection for your pets, as well as all kinds of asset management and asset protection. Dealing with naming legal guardians is just one of the many things not traditionally thought of as estate planning.

Is It Ever Too Early Or Too Late To Begin Your Estate Planning?

It’s never too early or late to begin your estate planning in the state of Florida. Setting up the proper estate plan can keep your family out of litigation and be more beneficial in the long run.

What Are Some Of The Most Important Documents That Should Be Considered For Everyone’s Estate Plan?

Every good estate plan should have a will and a healthcare directive. It may or may not incorporate a trust, depending on what the party’s intentions are. If you have children, you’ll need a kids’ protection plan or guardianship from designations. If you have a business, you’ll need business succession planning and creditor protection.

How Often Do We Need To Review Or Update Our Estate Planning Documents?

People are always buying and selling assets. You should review your estate plan every two to three years to update it when you buy or sell assets, have children, adopt a pet, etc.

As The Owner Of An Expensive Animal Such As A Horse, What Do I Need To Set Up For That Particular Animal?

Under Florida law, there is an actual statute that covers pet trusts, meaning you can set out who will care for your pet and even leave money to care for your pet, assuming you fund the trust properly. We do pet trusts for equestrians and sometimes for people with dogs. You can also set up some sort of a life insurance policy for the animal.

What Exactly Is Probate? What Triggers Probate In Florida?

Under Florida law, probate is triggered by anyone with or without a will dying. The probate process involves filing the case and serving the heirs, but if things aren’t spelled out well, the probate process can sometimes be a nightmare.

Are There Ways To Avoid Probate In Florida?

You can use revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts. There are several ways to avoid probate that can assist in making the process go smoother.

When It Comes To Short-Term And Long-Term Estate Planning, Are There Things We Can Handle On Our Own Without Having To Hire An Attorney?

When it comes to probate planning, estate planning, and legacy planning, it’s more than just the forms. The forms are basically a template. The nuances that come in make the creation of an estate plan an art form. Depending on everyone’s family dynamic or business dynamic, just filling out the forms is only one part of the process. You have to fund the trust; you have to transfer assets appropriately; you have to spell out the business legacy planning. It’s so much more than just the forms.

You want to establish a relationship with your estate planning attorney. In the event of your passing, that estate planning attorney is the one who is going to assist your family in either probating the trust or the estate or whatever you chose.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Estate Planning And Probate Matters For Your Clients In Wellington, Florida?

We are set apart from normal estate planning attorneys in the fact that we do legacy planning, family wealth planning, kid’s protection plans, pet trusts, etc. We specialize in estate planning for everyone, whether that be families with young children that want to set up guardianships or grandparents raising grandchildren who want to create trusts for the grandchildren. We’ve been doing probate litigation for the last 20 years, so we’re well-experienced with what goes wrong. If your estate plan goes wrong, we have the experience to help you.

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